As painting contractors specialising in residential painting, we often get asked by our clients to use a lesser quality paint in order to bring the cost of the job down, and every time our answer is no!

We know that quality costs more but there are valid reasons why we don’t compromise on quality with our clients, and reasons why you shouldn’t compromise either!

High-quality paint will always last longer than lesser quality paint. Painting your house is not something you want to undertake more than once a decade, but if you use a lesser quality paint you can bet your bottom dollar that within 2-3 years the paint will start to peel and look generally run down. If you’re a proud homeowner you’re not going to want to come home to that and will end up repainting again within 5 years of the previous job. In the long run, this will cost you more than to have used high-quality paint first time around!

A high-quality paint not only lasts longer but also flows better making the contractor’s job easier and the overall finish pristine! A home needs to look its best at all times. Paint that is not even or looks poorly applied will not help your curb appeal or the valuation of your property at any given time.

Let’s talk about coverage! A high-quality paint will get you maximum coverage meaning you can purchase fewer litres to cover the full surface area and get that gorgeous finish that smacks of fresh luxury and beauty and will make you the envy of the neighbourhood. With a lesser quality paint, you will end up purchasing more litres to cover the same surface area, essentially still costing you money, and not end up with the finished product you want. There’s nothing more disappointing!

These are our reasons for quality over cost every time because in our 25 years of paint contracting experience we have seen time and again the best, longest-lasting results!

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