Many companies and businesses work hard to get their brand just right – a true reflection of their offering, values and personality. Developing a brand that is well recognized and sends the right message to the right target markets takes time and money, and this is why it’s so important to ensure that all commercial buildings are painted with the right colours to ensure brand consistency.

What’s the trick to selecting the best paint colours, for both the interior and exterior of your building, to send the right message to your customers, established and potential?

Aim to WOW!

Your building must SPEAK to people coming to see you. It must make people feel awed and inspired!

Using professional paint contractors means that you get the benefit of perfect colour matching between your marketing material and your building paint. This level of consistency is key! Your customers recognize you by your brand and keeping it 100% accurate across the board ensures that you retain brand loyalty.

If you think of big brands such as McDonalds or First National Bank, their colours are consistent through all mediums from apps and websites, to signage, interior décor, menus, packaging and clothing. This leaves a lasting impression on their customers – something which you definitely want to aim for.

Colour Affects Buying Behaviour

Psychological studies have proven that certain colours are more likely to encourage different behaviours in consumers. Whatever your brand colours, you can still use other complementary colours to sway your target market’s behaviour!

These colours have the following effects on buyer behaviour:

Red: quick decision making, excitement and energy
Orange: feelings of abundance, fun and warmth
Yellow: positivity, creativity, good self-image and happiness
Green: professionalism, communication, efficiency and calm
Purple: luxury, quality, honesty and awareness
Blue: strength, peace, unity and solidity

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