Is it possible to have perfect painted lines and edges, especially when painting with contrasting colours?

Well, the honest answer is YES! And it doesn’t involve high tech or lots of gadgets!

Here’s how:

Start with some thorough prep work, and when we say thorough, we mean thorough…

Wash the walls and ceilings with warm soapy water and get rid of all the dirt, stains, marks and dust. Next give it a good sand with a low-grit sand paper to get a nice, smooth finish. Don’t forget to run over the walls with a clean cloth to get rid of the dust from sanding – you don’t want to paint on top of that!

Get yourself a high quality painters tape and have a putty knife handy. The quality tape will adhere firmly to the surfaces and the putty knife will smooth out any air bubbles making sure you get a beautiful straight line when painting.

painting straight lines

When you are ready to start painting perfect lines, mark out the height of the line and draw it in with a light pencil. Pull the tape from end to end of the line using your putty knife to make sure there are no bends and to keep the line straight. If the line is there so that you can paint with a contrasting colour then use your base colour and paint over the edge of the tape where you are painting with the contrasting colour. This seals in the tape for a sharp, clean line.

Use a thin line of caulk on the edge of the tape for textured surfaces. Paint as soon as you have applied the caulk, you don’t want it to set, its purpose is to seal the tape as per the above.

Once you have painted, peel the tape off while the paint is still wet and you will see a gorgeous, sharp line between your contrasting colours!

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