If you’re considering selling but your property needs work to bring it up to scratch, there are many considerations to bear in mind as to which repairs and enhancements to make that will provide ROI.

Are you putting off painting your home or commercial property because you don’t think it will make a difference to the value of your property?

Did you know that a professional and properly executed paint job is one of the only enhancements that will increase the value of your property and secure the best selling price with potential buyers?

A property is an excellent investment, one that should reap rewards continually, whether you live in the property or lease it. It would make sense that you keep this investment in top condition at all times to ensure the highest value should you decide to sell.

Research suggests that peeling, faded and old paint on a property is the first thing to put off a potential buyer, and also count against you with a valuator. Maintaining the paintwork on your property is an expenditure that is well worth it because of the ROI in terms of valuation and asking price, and ultimately selling price.

Not only will a fresh and beautiful paint job yield monetary benefits, but it will also help your property to sell faster. Aesthetically this property enhancement appeals to potential buyers who can see that the property is well looked after and a sound investment: one that they will not need to spend copious amounts of money on.

Consider not only exterior paint, but also interior paint because nothing is less appealing than dirty walls and ceilings, and water stains. A fresh coat of paint can truly make all the difference and lift a property at a relatively low cost compared to other potential enhancements. Remember to keep the colours fresh and neutral for the best effect.

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