The painting of any building, be it residential, commercial or industrial, must have longevity at the heart of the job. There is really no point in going to the effort, time and cost of painting if the job is not going to last as long as it possibly can.

But how can we plan for the long-term? Surely, paint lasts as long as it lasts and there’s nothing we can do about it?

Well, in reality, there are steps that professional painting contractors such as us take to ensure an excellent quality finish that lasts and is the crowning glory of any building or property that we paint.

In this blog we want to focus on the most important factor which is prep work before the painting starts!

How well a building is prepared for painting will determine how long the paint job will last. Without proper preparation owners of homes and businesses will find their properties looking less than immaculate within a short amount of time.

Why Should A Painting Surface Be Prepared?

It is imperative that new paint adheres properly to its surface, it needs to bond well in order to get the desired quality finish. If a surface is unprepared, there is a coat of old paint remaining, the surface is dirty or has cracks, holes or old paint flakes, the building will look shabby and untidy with a new coat of paint on it. An unprepared surface will also cause paint to peel, bubble or flake making the building look old and uncared for.

In essence, you will have wasted your time and money in painting.


What Does Painting Preparation Entail?

These are the steps we follow to ensure a beautiful finish and a long-lasting paint job:

  1. High pressure hosing and washing of the exterior surfaces to get rid of dirt and old paint;
  2. Remove all peeling paint by sanding and scraping all rough areas to provide a smooth surface for the new paint to bond to;
  3. Fill any holes and cracks that are present;
  4. Tape off areas that will not be painted so that the paint does not end up where it shouldn’t be making the job look messy;
  5. Prime the exterior with a quality primer;
  6. Apply a high-quality paint that is suited for the building and job at hand.

At King Painters we are committed to performing the above steps on EVERY job because quality is important to us, and keeping our clients satisfied is our highest priority. If we put our name to it, you know it’s a quality painting job!

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