The start of a new year is a great time to assess your home, or any properties you own and set some painting resolutions for the areas that need some TLC.

You might want to touch up high traffic and wear and tear areas like the kitchen and kids bedrooms, get rid of mould and mildew in the bathrooms, fill up holes, dents and scuff marks in the entryway, repaint your window frames and see how the exterior paint is holding up.

Freshening up your home annually will also give you a fresh vibe in your home getting everyone’s year off to a vibrant, happy start.

Here are our suggestions for making a painting resolutions list:

Think about whether you want to tackle this as a DIY project or if you want to hire a professional and then look at what needs to be done. Break it down into walls, ceilings, doors and windows, cleaning and treating. Then get some inspiration! Check out some magazines, social media and the web for what’s trending, what you like and what will give you the vibe and look you’re aiming for.

Next consider the season and weather, your budget and timeline to get it done and start planning and prioritizing from there.

What painting resolutions projects can you DIY

Divide your list up into projects you can do yourself, and those that will require a professional hand. Once you have your list of DIY projects plan well and spread them out to make sure you can complete each project in the allotted time. You don’t have to get everything done at once! Rather go slower and get each project done satisfactorily as you have the time and budget to do it.

When to get the professionals in

The bigger projects like an exterior repaint should be done by the professionals who have all the right tools, equipment and expertise to get it done properly and quickly. There’s nothing worse than embarking on a big project like this yourself and then life gets in the way halfway through and your home sits half painted for months until you have the time and resources to put into it again. The professionals can make sure your painting resolutions can be ticked off!

Happy New Year everyone!