A home renovation, or paint job, can be challenging when you have pets at home! Our precious furry friends need to be taken into consideration for this kind of BIG upheaval in their little lives. So how can you best plan for their comfort without compromising the job at hand?

Let’s chat through some points to help you keep the pets safe during a renovation!

  1. There’s going to be a lot of noise, a lot of hustle and bustle, and a lot of foot traffic

If you are able to dedicate a specific room to the pets during the renovation where you can place their personal items, blankets, food and toys and keep them separated from the work area this should go a long way to keeping them calm when the big power tools are vibrating through the house! We don’t want the doggy to munch on the workers’ ankles when things get loud or busy!

  1. Depending on the kind of renovation, or paint work, there may be smells…smelly smells that are not good for the fur babies to breathe in.

In the event of powerful or even toxic smells it might be wisest to farm the four-legged sweethearts out to a pet hotel where they can be loved and cared for without the possibility of harm. They can gamble and play – or purr and glare at the other animals – to their little hearts’ content.

  1. If you decide to keep your pets at home during your renovation then much like with toddlers, distraction is your biggest ally!
pets renovation

The pets will be cooped up for extended periods of time and out of their normal routine during the renovation, so it’s vital that you get them outside for nice, long walks, and that you give them lots of play time with mommy and daddy because they might be a little fractious, uncertain or even anxious if they are of the highly strung variety! Lots of love and lots of intentional attention will make all the difference.

Keep your babies safe and healthy during your next reno or home paint job.

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