If you think about it, your commercial buildings take a beating every year just from the elements alone – sun, wind, rain, hail – it all has an impact on the paint of your buildings and deterioration. So when do you know that it’s time for a repaint? We know how important the role of exterior paint is in protecting your properties —but do you? Let’s talk about why it’s important to maintain your exterior paint and some signs that it’s time to give us a call to assess your property for a repaint.

First let’s look at why exterior pain is so important for the longevity of your properties.

It’s about more than just the look of it, it’s also about protection! But it’s not just the paint that offers protection, high-quality caulking works to seal the walls from moisture, UV rays, small pests and even microbes to name a few. If the paint and sealant on your properties deteriorates too much the following can happen:

●        More mould and mildew
●        Warping of any wood components
●        Rust
●        Cracks and holes that let in the moisture
●        Higher energy usage because of greater UV exposure

As with residential paint, commercial paint jobs generally last between 5-10 years depending on the quality of paint used. These signs are what you need to look out for to know that a repaint is in order:

1: Chalking

This refers to the white powdery residue left on your hands after you touch paint that is chalking. This happens because the components of the paint have degraded and separated. What needs to happen is to have the residue removed, apply a new coat of primer and then repaint the property’s exterior.

2: Chipping or Peeling

Chipping and peeling on the exterior of your property are BIG red flags! Paint that is chipped and peeling is no use in sealing your building against moisture. Once this happens it’s like any disease, the damage will just spread making it worse. Repaint your property as soon as you notice the beginnings of chipping or peeling!

3: Bubbling

When pockets of air get trapped under the paint of your property it results in bubbling. Usually this happens because of water damage! If you see bubbling, get out the phone and call us for a repaint.

4: Mould & Mildew

Dark stains, or black dots, can be a clear indication of mould or mildew. The big problem with this is that it’s a health and safety concern for people in the building. In order to protect your staff, customers and tenants from hazardous mould, you need to have the building assessed and inspected for the best way to deal with this problem.

5: Safety Concerns

Many commercial buildings make use of painted signs and markings on walls and floors for safety purposes. But these markings can deteriorate and become less visible over time, which can put your people at risk. If the markings are no longer clear or visible then you need to have them repainted.

Of course, King Painters and Renovators can assist you with all of the above! We specialize in commercial painting jobs and making sure your building has the best protection and looks stellar at all times!