What to look for when hiring professional painting contractors for your commercial property

Hiring the right contractors for your commercial paint job can not be overstated. Hiring the wrong people can lead to unnecessary delays, extra unplanned costs, or even a poor end result – none of which you want! But what should you look for in professional painting contractors?

Are they reputable?

Do your homework! Look at their website and social media platforms and check out their work. See what reviews have been given and what their customers say about them. Ask around to see who else has used them and ask for their opinion on the work completed.

How long have they been in business for? You will soon get a feel for a solid business with an exemplary reputation!

Want to check us out? We have over 25 years experience in the field and we are more than happy to have you view our website and social platforms, and see our portfolio of work:

www.kingpainters.co.za (website)
@KingPaintersRenovators (Facebook)
@kingpainters_renovatorskzn (Instagram)

Our reputation for excellence is well known within the Upper Highway community.

Do they offer the best in customer service?

Any business in the service industry needs to make sure that customer service is a priority. What is customer service? Well, in our expert opinion it’s treating the customer with the utmost respect, taking their needs and opinions into consideration, communicating effectively at all stages of the project, and most importantly sticking to the budget and timelines.

We truly understand this and make customer service our top priority because without happy customers what do we have?

Are they careful about safety?

professional painting contractors

We know that accidents can happen, but so often they can be avoided if proper safety protocols are adhered to, the right equipment is used, and staff are properly trained in how to safely execute their work. Any professional painting contractors will have public proper liability insurance to ensure coverage in the event of an accident on the job, but more than that, their staff complete the work while adhering to proper safety standards at all times.

When you’re doing your research, ask potential professional painting contractors about their safety protocols and liability insurance. This will quickly weed out the not so hot options!

For the safety of our customers and wellbeing of our staff, all staff members are well trained, registered with Workmen’s Compensation and permanently employed. The company is also covered by Public Liability Insurance for that extra peace of mind.

Do your homework and only work with the best for your own benefit – it’s worth the time to find out more about who you are engaging.

And remember we are reputable, safe and offer the best in customer service! Contact us for all your commercial professional painting contractor needs!

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