Many businesses are considering their carbon footprint and how they can be more energy efficient from 8am-5pm every day.

Energy efficiency is something we should all be considering, especially as the earth takes more and more strain. How can you as a business make sure that your premises leaves the smallest footprint possible and plays its part in keeping earth healthy?

Well, the weird truth is that your paint choices actually affect the energy efficiency of your place of business! Who would have thought!

Is There a Right Paint?

Yes! White and lighter paints reflect solar rays and the heat that those rays give off. If you can block those rays before they heat the building this will help to keep the building cooler without electrical mechanisms such as air-conditioning. This means that white is back and bringing the energy savings with it!

For us in KZN – heat central – energy efficiency is of utmost importance and the paint design of our commercial buildings should be worked around this. The good news is that this doesn’t mean you need to paint your whole building white! Because technology is a wonderful thing and we now have heat-reflective paints to achieve the same goal!

energy efficient

These paints really are phenomenal providing energy-efficient pigment technology. They make use of mixed metal oxide pigments and other technologies that reflect a lot of the radiation given off by the sun, but more than that they also offer very good thermal emissivity. There are many benefits of these heat-reflective paints to your commercial building:

  • Energy efficiency: these paints lessen the amount of heat that penetrates the building and reduces the amount of energy used for climate control
  • Durability: Heat-reflective paints fade more slowly as they resist UV fading which means that your colours will last longer!
  • Variety: these incredible paints come in a wide variety of colours so your colour scheme can still be accommodated.

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