Did you know that one of the biggest contributing factors to exterior paint fading and getting damaged is the climate you live in?

It seems obvious to us, but then this is our job!

The climate you live in will determine what type of paint you use for your exterior painting and it’s important to use the right type of paint if you want longevity on the paint. Every climate produces different challenges, for instance very cold weather can result in chipping and cracking from ice buildup and heavy snowfalls. Homes that experience very hot weather tend towards colour fading, curling and cracking.

None of that sounds very appealing does it…!

In KZN we have a warm, tropical climate as well as an extended rainy season where it can literally rain for weeks at a time, making our job quite challenging.

paint climate

What is the best paint for your house exterior bearing the climate in mind?

The biggest problem with a hot climate is exposure to the sun and the UV rays that cause your paint to fade, curl and crack. To mitigate this we recommend a UV resistant paint that will keep its colour despite sun exposure giving you more bang for your buck!

When it comes to the rain and moisture challenge, we’ve all opened our shoe cupboards to be met with a nice mouldy pair of heels or sandals. The damp and humidity make a formidable opponent to a long-lasting paint job; no client wants mould and mildew to make an appearance shortly after forking out for a professional home paint job.

Our recommendation here is a mildew-resistant paint. This is usually used indoors in places like the bathroom, but it can also be used on the exterior to ensure a mould-free paint job that looks good through the rainy season.

At King Painters we really know what we’re talking about! So talk to us to get a superior home paint job that will last!