Home décor trends are apt to change with seasonal fashion trends tempting us to update our interior décor and paint colours. While the majority of trends are just that, temporary and sometimes fleeting, other trends remain popular for years and bring much enjoyment to home owners. This is true of paint colour used in home décor as well.

Colour trends for 2020 lean towards the daring with experts estimating that it will be the most daring year yet! White walls are going to come out in full colour force, as are ceilings and floors and long-forgotten surfaces.

So, what are these daring trending colours of the year?

It’s common knowledge that colour has transformative power, especially in relation to interior spaces. From bold accent walls to painted ceilings, colour is now being used to bring life, statement and mood to homes and specific rooms. Identifying the right colour for the space is challenging, but the experts have provided their professional direction on which trending colours to consider.

  1. Orange Apricot (Apricot Orange)
    Millennial Pink has gained a dose of orange in its composition, making it less smooth but more energetic. Make this colour work by blending it with browns, blacks and whites in the décor.
  2. Moody Maroon
    Red is a strong, bold colour, but it will emerge in darker, rich tones, close to reddish brown in 2020. Woody and warm nuances should be seen in both large furniture and smaller items, continuing the use of a darker palette in the décor.
  3. Pigmented Terracotta
    Earthy tones are a strong palette in 2020 and promise to remain so longer term. This year terracotta gains more humour and personality by absorbing pigments with the addition of burnt rose.
  4. Pale & Matte
    Lightly toned whites on frosted surfaces are the perfect complements for very light or very dark environments in 2020. The palette is next to the candy colours, but is softer and do not seem to draw much attention at first glance.
  5. Metallic Black
    Black environments have never been so popular. To make it more interesting, surfaces that bring a metallic glow are combined with matte tones to create a game of perception.
  6. Green Military Acid (Acid Olive)
    Moss green was one of the biggest colours of 2019. In 2020 it has a more acidic hue, close to pistachio.
  7. Golden Yellow
    This is a luminous and highly popular colour for 2020. When applied to tactile surfaces this tone promises to bring a vintage and energetic atmosphere at the same time.
  8. Deep Emerald
    Greens that are near emerald in colour, but have a darker and bluer palette, promise a deep ambiance in any space where they are used.
  9. Saturated Blue
    Full of life, this blue appears saturated to give a punch of energy through unexpected splashes of colour.
  10. Colour blocking (Clashing pairings)
    Having vibrant colours contrasting in the same environment is this year’s trend – and they can appear in both wall graphics and geometric prints as well as bold styling combinations. The sky is the limit!

Stay tuned for next month’s blog where we conclude this topic of paint colours for every mood!